IP telephony service refers to a technological system that uses the internet to exchange fax, voices, and all the other communications.  IP telephony system work only when there is an internet connection. One can receive and send a fax, voices, and other communications through this IP telephony service.  Many companies and businesses have installed this type of system for it got countless advantages.   One of the reasons that companies and businesses install IP telephony service is that it got low capital investment. Therefore if a business is on the low financial budget, they need to consider purchasing this IP telephony system for its cost effective.  Also for a person to set up the IP Telephone Systems, only a few tools that are required.

  Another importance of IP telephony service is that a business or the specific company does not require one to purchase several types of equipment for the installation to be complete. Only a few tools are required and this IP telephony service to be complete.  The fact that the IP telephony system is scalable is another importance several people prefers installing it.  IP telephony system is usually billed per month on subscriber’s basis, making it flexible and scalable for a business to use.  The total bill of the IP telephony system depends on the features that one has selected to function on the IP telephony.  When the IP telephony system that has been installed in the specific company or business has several features, therefore, the more bills that one is required to pay for the services offered.  To add, the IP telephony system is also preferred because of mobility. This system can be carried or moved from one place to another. One can use carry the IP telephony system to their homes while on leave and continue receiving all the business information.  One just has to unplug the switch and the phones and carry the system to wherever place they want. However, one should always know that IP telephony service depends on the internet, and one must have good internet for the system to work well. 

 IP telephony system is important for one is assured of getting the required IT support while using this Office Telephone System either at home at work.   Lastly, the IP telephony system is important for it provides similar and uniform experience.  This happens when a company has many branches. It can offer similar experiences in all those branches.Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_IP.